Tuesday, April 26, 2011

早紀蔵 - Sakizou

I don't really know much about her other than she's a japanese illustrator, but I absolutely adore her work!

Each painting is incredibly detailed! From laces, frills, patterns - you name it! - they are outright gorgeous! Each one feels like the window into some luxurious fantasy world, with Victorian and Baroque elements abounding! It also reminds me a bit of lolitas, especially the classic lolita style with the character's sweet and innocent looks, indulging in meticulously drawn fashions!

(If you want to google her for more images, I recomend that you use her name in japanese as I put it on the title; you'll get much more [relevant] hits!)

She has several published books (12 in total so far), each with it's own theme and all around the same price of ¥1500 (which is about 12€! Amazingly cheap for the kind of book it is, since most of the illustration books we have are all far more expensive than that!). If I managed to find one I wouldn't hesitate to buy it!

So here's a sneak peek of several of her works!

Don't forget to visit her site!

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